Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dance With Silence

Why is the mystical mysterious?

Why is the occult occluded?

Can we examine, for a moment, the mind's dance with silence?

The mind comes to silence more often than it thinks. But no attention is put on the silence. The mind sees instead the whole picture before it, sees context, and finds meaning for things in the context in which they happen.

Silence contains the mind. Silence gives it meaning and context.

In silence the mind sees the whole picture.

From the moment of silence, the first thought to come to the mind is often inspired and deep. Can you catch yourself in a train of thought, remember the previous thought and then the thought before that?

If you can do that several times a day, can you learn to go all the way back to that original thought, the one inspired by silence?

This might be valuable to do.

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