Monday, April 15, 2013

Exhale Inhale

Continue to notice where your feet touch the ground.

You breathe in... and... out.

Inhale from above the horizon. Exhale into the space below the horizon.

As you notice your feet, explore the feeling where they touch the ground. Sense the pressure they exert on the ground. Inhale from above the horizon. Exhale into the ground beneath your feet.

Air comes into you from above, filtering down through you, becoming you. What is unused goes onward into the ground.

Air and feeling come into you from above, melting knots as step by step they descend. You soar. Your remnants press on downward, pressing into the sand beneath your feet.

Air and feeling and the softest light flow through you and around you from above. You are filled.

Inhale from the sun at noon. Exhale into the center of the Earth.

Sit a while.

Being Rain

As you sit, the rain is falling. All around you the sound.

Falling on you. Falling through you. Eroding.

Nothing is left.

The sun comes out.

Touch the Ground

Notice the feeling where your feet touch the floor. 

This feeling is always with you. Want something to concentrate on so the mind slows down? Your feet are there. The ground beneath. You touch it. Stop the mind.

Above is the sky. The sky is always with you.